«Just seeing Farrah makes you feel good. You come into her class and you feel her warmth and joy of life. She plans her weeks and individual classes with a great structure and one thing always leads to the next. Her corrections are always clear and you feel like you learn something new about yoga and yourself every single class. I always looked forward to her classes and I really wish that I could have brought her back with me to Sweden.!

– Åsa van Welter – Professional Ice skater and Swedish National Champion.

«I am so very lucky to have had time to take several different classes with Farrah. She is a wonderful teacher and would enhance and expand anyone’s current practice level. Farrah has provided great alignment instruction and provides visual cues to adjust your position as needed with ease to go into a pose further, or to ensure proper body position. She is much attuned with her student’s levels and can lead a class of students with all varying skills and abilities. I have learned a lot about my body and my yoga practice and have been able to grow as a student with her help.»

-Christine Hudson – Sr. Digital Project Manager

«I had just got back to my running training program and for the last two years have had a chronic hip/joint problem on one side after or during runs. My first private hour yoga session with Farrah and I was in no hip pain. I was walking and running with no hip pain. She also had me do this toe and foot exercise, (which I forgot to tell her that I was having toe issues during my runs where my left toes would fall asleep), my toes stopped falling asleep during my runs.  I feel like Farrah looked at my body and took me through a sequence that she knew was right for me. I feel each time I have a session with her that I have been adjusted like having gone to a Chiropractor. I’m relieved after my sessions with her and I’m more centered inside and I’m back to running with no pain or sleepy toes so I can enjoy my runs. Farrah is a good match for me. She has a high energy vibration which I relate to easily. Thank you Farrah.»

– Murrell,  Personal Assistant in Miami and Reiki Master, healer of dogs and people. Www.DogReikiByMurrell.com

“After my hip surgery I wasn’t sure that be pain-free ever again. That is, until I met Farrah! Her knowledge and attention to detail far surpass any teacher I’ve worked with before. She’s also an absolute pleasure to be around, and a bright spot in my day. Thank you, Farrah!”

-Brett Abess

“Farrah’s instructions are very good, there are precise things that I always get from her class. She has a building block type of a class, I always want to come back as I feel it is done with intention. It is a class that progressively teaches how to do things well, what is learned on a previous session is carried through the following session and from there more key points are added to every session; I say is something like body mapping, I get to learn things about my body that I am then able to remember and keep implementing even in other classes I go to”

– Jessica Mendez- Owner of Arcayne Salon www.arcaynesalon.com

«I am very lucky to have come across a wonderful teacher like Farrah, she is very good at explaining the movements that need to be taken to align your body properly into a pose. With her instructions and guidance my practice has gotten deeper; she has helped me get into poses I would have never thought I can get into. Her classes yummy and delightful, I always get what I need from each class.  Thanks Farrah for being such an AMAZING teacher»

– Giana Shuster – Owner & Director, Miami Boat Charters www.miamiboatcharters.com

“Farrah’s classes have really helped shape and reshaped my shoulders; I have very tight shoulders, her classes have also helped to re-aligned my pelvis in a very healthy way; and I have gained consciousness in my alignment and in my strength, I feel like my core is working and I just feel a lot healthier”

– Adel Hattem

“I feel relaxed and less stressed after Farrah’s classes. Her detailed instructions helped me get deeper into poses I have done before, which I begin to feel in a whole new and different way. I become aware of muscles in my body that I have never felt/used before. Her classes progressively teach what’s necessary to access poses I thought I would never be able to do. I literally walk out of every class smiling, it is something that cannot be explained, it has to be experienced”

-Veronica Rodriguez. Howard Chase Realtor Sales Associate.

“Farrah’s classes enlighten me in different manners: to find proper alignment, to pass over my limits, to believe in myself. She is always full of contagious energy. Its easy to follow her, she is clear and precise giving instructions. I thank Farrah for sharing her knowledge with me”

– Andrea Favelli. Aereal Yoga Teacher at Trio Yoga Miami.

“Farrah’s classes have a refinement that is hard to find in a yoga class, she is able to clearly and directly guide and describe the poses and describe the alignment to make it not only easier to get into the poses but also always teaches you something new; whether you are beginner or advanced there is something to discover from her precise way of describing asana. Her fun and loving energy, and bubbly personality is contagious and makes classes fun!”

– Nina Ginatta, MSEd, BCBA. Director, Play-In/Dynamic Kids Consulting

«Farrah is AMAZING. Every now and then a person comes into your life and impacts you for the better. She is one of those persons.  She has a great sense of understanding people. She knows when to be tough and when to be sympathetic. I was stuck in unproductive and sometimes unhealthy cycles.  She brought out things that I wasn’t even aware of through her insightful sessions. By doing so, she has shown me the way to help overcome blocks in path to my growth and self development. She has helped me set clear, personalized goals with built in accountability to help promote my personal and professional dreams and aspirations. With them, I made better use of my time, improved my communication skills, and balanced my life for the better. These areas were all directly influenced by her insight and help. THANK YOU so much!! Just know that you DID make a difference to me!»

– Jules Hernandez

«With a big smile and great sensitivity coach Farrah Yaspe appeared in my life. She is a big tool for my development and improvement of my personal life and professional growth. During Farrah’s guide, I have overcome many fears and learned to identify my weaknesses trying to turn them into strengths. For example, I could say what I feel/think to people who are doing something wrong, in a professional and proper manner. Other areas of improvement are: listening to others, speaking more slowly, controlling my breathing, handling difficult situations, confronting people respectfully, being assertive, analyzing situations before acting, prioritizing needs. Ever since I started my coaching sessions, I’m more responsible and orderly. The progress I have made ​​in my personal and professional development would not have been possible without her knowledge and ability to identify my strengths and get the best of me»

– Adriana Vazquez

“Coaching not only taught me how to be a better professional but a better person. My biggest challenge was how to confront people. I used to be scared when confronting people with their opinions, up to the point of getting very anxious and avoiding them. Farrah helped me to get to the bottom of why I had these issues. She taught me how to handle myself and get the control of situations by showing me tips on how to express myself, how to pick my words and how to gain confidence with my body language. I learned how to better communicate in an effective and caring way. I also learned techniques to be more detail oriented, how to manage my time, how to handle stressful situations, how to deal with frustration at work and even how to organize my finances to achieve my personal goals. Farrah is an extraordinary coach and by my experience I can honestly say, she truly cares about her clients. She is very responsible, consistent and never loses track of the sessions (she always remembers your homework). Farrah is an excellent facilitator; she has the ability to create a safe and trustworthy environment in which you can open up without being judged. She has the ability to confront you, but as she always says, with love. I only have words of gratitude to such an extraordinary coach and human being, who helped me to develop my skills and challenged me to be a little bit better every day. Thank you Farrah”

-Mayela Zuniga