Private Classes


Is a private or semi private/group session what you need? These are some of the reasons private custom made sessions are what you need. If you are:  

  • looking for complementary and/or alternative therapies to help you cope with: stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd, emotional regulation.
  • considering to start yoga and would like to have personalized attention.
  • simply would prefer to practice yoga in a more private setting, and/or within a schedule that is convenient for you.
  • wanting to complement other sports, creating a healthy balance of flexibility and strength.
  • want to deepen your already existent yoga practice.
  • skilled practitioner, yet you feel like you are not advancing/progressing in your practice.
  • looking to increase your attention and concentration, therefore improving your productivity in everything you do.
  • healing from an injury and/or need therapeutic sessions.  



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