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Being inside an office, sitting in front a computer all day for 5 days a week and sometimes even more, is a very unnatural way for humans to spend our time. Before societies were what they are today, we spent most of our time on our feet hunting and walking. However, with the way of life we have now days, our work requires us to sit down to work for many hours and some of us also spend a lot of our leisure time sitting watching tv; not only does this lifestyle slows down the metabolism promoting weight gain, but it also increases the chances for cardiovascular diseases, and risk of diabetes among some other physiological effects.

Promoting and supporting good health in the workplace has a lot of benefits that will help reduce the above mentioned problems. So, I kindly invite you to consider the benefits of including a yoga program in your company:

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for the Business

● Improves company and personal performance
● Increases productivity and efficiency
● Reduces employee sick days and healthcare premiums
● Promotes team work, camaraderie and supportive employee interaction
● Improves morale and job satisfaction, resulting in less turnover
● Provides a cost-effective way to provide employees tools to cope with stress and the challenges   while at work
● Improves respect for senior management
● Makes the company more attractive to potential employees

Benefits of Yoga for employees

● Reduces stress and tension
● Improves focus, concentration and memory
● Detoxifies and tones muscles
● Relieves head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion and/or lifting and moving objects
● Improves overall physical and mental health
● Improves posture and flexibility
● Improves your outlook, inspiring a better day!

Corporate Yoga programs are designed according to your needs. The ideal frequency is 2 times a week and each session is 1 hour long. Some of the elements learned in classes are practical tools that can be applied any day at any time. This program includes a bonus package of daily 5 to 15 minutes stretches, meditation and breathing exercises material that is provided to every participant to use as a guide for daily practices.


Call me or email me to talk about what the best program is for your business. Class packages and gift certificates available.


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